Christmas Plum Pudding


Our glorious hand made Christmas puddings are the perfect climax to your delicious festive feast on Christmas day.  Our recipe is tailored to be meltingly light, moist, sticky and with a rich depth of flavour.  Perfect for when your loved ones doubt their ability to find room for a pudding.  You can tell that our lovingly made Christmas puddings are light due to how well they slice.  They slice like a cake and don't disintegrate into a crumbly, dry, stodgy mess.  We believe that what makes our Christmas Plum Pudding so good is the simplicity of the recipe.  We only use three types of vine fruit and leave out all of those unnecessary additions such as whole nuts, glace cherries and candied peel, which seem to have the only purpose of deterring people from wanting a slice.  As the name implies, our Christmas Plum Pudding actually contains dried plums (prunes) along with sultanas and currants, which are soaked for at least 24 hours in cream sherry.  When uncovering the bowl of marinated fruit there is a delicious smell from this beautiful concoction that takes me back to my Nan's house and her schooners of sherry.  Whilst making a wish on your behalf, we stir in the rest of the ingredients and spices by hand so not to crush the plump sherry laden vine fruits, and then we distribute the heavenly scented mixture into our pudding basins.  These are then treated to the low and slow treatment by being steamed for over 6 hours.  Once cooked, these exquisite puddings remain in their basins to mature for at least four weeks where they develop their flavour and deep dark colour.  All you have to do on the day is loosen the basin lid, pop in the microwave for a 2-3 minutes until piping hot, drench liberally with brandy, set alight in a darkened room, wow your audience, and serve with either custard, brandy butter or ice cream and eat heartily.  

Choose either the large size (2 pint / 1.2 litre), which is 15 cm wide and 11 cm high and serves 7-9, or the small size (1 pint / 0.6 litre), which is 12 cm wide and 9 cm high and serves 4-6.  Free delivery in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Walsall only. Alternatively, check out our cakes by post here.

Contains: Currants, sultanas, prunes (prunes, water, potassium sorbate), cream sherry (sulphites), wheat flour (gluten), bread (wheat flour (gluten), water, yeast, vegetable oil, soya flour, emulsifiers: E481, E472e, preservative: calcium propionate, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)), suet (beef fat, wheat flour (gluten)), sugar, cinnamon, cloves, baking powder, lemon, eggs, cooking apple, honey, butter (milk).  May contain sesame, peanut, nuts and barley

Allergens are in bold.

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