My Story


Togri Bakery is a family owned online bakery specialising in handmade buttercream sponges, brownies and loaf cakes. We deliver our amazing cakes to you at a time and date that suits you. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or fancy a little treat for yourself then Togri Bakery is here for you.


Food is one of life's small pleasures.  This is especially true if it is super delicious, which is what food should be all the time. 

As someone who has a passion for eating mouth-wateringly tasty food I have developed an uncompromising attitude to what passes my lips.

Whilst growing up I was lucky enough to have a mom who enjoyed baking and who also taught me how to bake (via many ancient Mary Berry books).  So I have been brought up knowing how superior home-baked cakes are compared with the shop bought dross.

Home-baked cakes are deliciously sweet, moist, made with pride, generous in size, lavishly decorated, protected with zeal, fought over, rationed out, but rarely made.

Why?  Because baking is a bit of a hassle, takes time and we're busy.  So our only alternative is the supermarket with those tiny portions, wrapped in plastic, savagely compromised by accountants who are more concerned about the costs than the joy a cake should bring. 

You deserve a cake that brings you joy, a cake that your family fight over because it's just too delicious to ignore.

I realised that there was a third way, a way of having home-baked cakes without the hassle of actually making them.  I created Togri Bakery to bring  the joy and taste of home-baked cakes to you, at a time and date that suits you.  It's convenient, delicious, handmade and a small pleasure for you to enjoy.

Kind regards,

Tom Grimmett.