Now's the season for summer berries - so make the most of it

Tom Grimmett

Summer is well under way even if it doesn't feel like it.  What a damp suib!  Anyway, what is bad news for our BBQ plans and natural tans is great news for the British farms growing tasty, locally grown berries.

Thanks to new growing techniques, British farmers have successfully managed to extend the seasons of many of our home grown berries.  So, for example, we can now have British strawberries right from April until October.  This was unheard of just a couple decades ago. 


The reason why I'm passionate about British berries is because of their fantastic flavour.  Berries brought in from abroad are picked when they are under ripe.  They then ripen in the lorries and warehouses before ending up in your local supermarket. The trouble with this is you lose the flavour and end up with a very bland fruit. Not to mention the carbon footprint that results from shipping these berries from abroad.


So, that's why you can't adorn your Togri Bakery strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberries in the depths of winter. We only use British berries because they're the tastiest and have fewer food miles assoiciated with them. So, be thankful for those farmers who have skilfully extended the berry growing season and enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Below is a list of berries grown in Britain and their growing season:

Strawberries - April to October

Blackberries - June to November

Cherries - July to August

Blueberries - June to September

Raspberries - June to October