Togri Bakery strives to be a responsible retailer and employer. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, help our local community and improve our ethical standards.

Animal Welfare

Togri Bakery only uses free-range eggs from British hens

Food Miles

Togri Bakery is committed to sourcing as many ingredients as possible form British farms. So this means we only use British eggs, British flour, British butter, British milk and, where possible, British sugar.

Food Waste

Throwing away food makes us sad and the food industry has a bad record regarding food waste. Fortunately, we bake to order. This means we generate much less food waste than other retailers who end up with cakes spoiling on the shelves. Any food that does need to be thrown away will be sent away for composting if possible.


All used egg shells and waste from fruit and vegetable preparation is composted. This will also be made available for local gardeners who wish to use it.


All of those cake boxes really can harm the environment. We aim to only buy packaging that is made from plant materials, can biodegrade, or has been made from recyclable sources or even better, all of the above.

We like to buy in bulk thus reducing packaging and we encourage all of our fans to recycle their cake boxes if possible.

We also recycle as much as we can here at Togri Bakery.


We try and keep our consumption down by turning off non-essential appliances and we switch off all the lights at night. We also use energy saving light bulbs and maximise natural light.